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Furnished apartments sold in Paris by Paris Rental

Often, investors who have bought an apartment or several apartments with Paris Rental become landlords, both for the furnished rental and for the rental management of their new real estate purchase.

Here is the list of the furnished apartments sold in Paris by Paris Rental. 

APARTMENT, Paris 16th

rue Pergolèse

2 Bedrooms 67.62m²

1 120 000€
Ref: 56967

APARTMENT, Paris 4th

Rue du Roi de Sicile

1 Bedroom, 42.61m²

634 400€
Ref: 56967

APARTMENT, Paris 18th

Rue Saint Joseph de Maistre
2 Bedrooms, 58.07m²

630 000€ Ref: 59962

APARTMENT, Paris 3rd

Rue de Thorigny
2 Bedrooms 79.75m²

1 500 000€ Ref: 41748

APARTMENT, Courbevoie

Place du Général de Gaulle
2 Bedrooms, 100.7m²

699 000€ Ref: 59588

APARTMENT, Paris 14th

Rue Campagne Première
1 Bedroom, 39.23m²

527 000€ Ref: 59586

APARTMENT, Paris 15th

Avenue Emile Zola
1 Bedroom 57.89m²

691 440€ Ref: 43063

APARTMENT, Paris 17th

Place Boulnois
2 Bedrooms, 68.19m²

830 000€ Ref: 15291


Rue La Fayette
1 Bedroom, 43.49m²

464 520€ Ref: 56278


Rue de la Chaussée d’Antin
2 Bedrooms, 62m²

787 500€ Ref: 28961

Paris Rental supports you in the sale of your apartment in Paris

Paris Rental De Circourt Associates real estate agency and its sales team specialize in buying and selling furnished and unfurnished apartments in Paris. Our international team supports you to buy or sell your property.

Paris Rental has a rental management subsidiary: “Home Management“. Through our apartment management agency, we provide comfort to owners of long-term rented furnished properties. All our services are deployed to facilitate the settlement of expatriates in Paris.

Our real estate agency is specialized in high-end furnished rentals for expatriates, government and consular staff, and companies! We, therefore, support you in the purchase of your furnished apartment in Paris in order to make your rental investment! You then have the option of being accompagnied through our “Home Management” subsidiary for the management of your rental propertyTo continue, all the advertisements of apartments for purchase offered through our Parisrental-and-sales website are of high quality. Our range of furnished and unfurnished apartments are located in the most beautiful places in Paris.

We also have a blog area that offers a lot of reading on the world of real estate buying and selling. 

Enjoy your visit and look at the furnished apartments sold in Paris !