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Paris Rental De Circourt Associates is an expert in real estate since 1987. Our agency knows the market and provides real monitoring of the apartment for sale. Our sales representatives draw up regular reports following their apartment visits. As a logical suit, we have diagnostics of each property, the repairs and improvements to be made, as well as the date of each modification done. Be aware that Paris Rental only sells apartments of quality!

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The best advice is at Paris Rental

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With all of its experience, ParisRental has a lot of knowledge of high-end furnished rentals in Paris and its suburbs. Our landlord owners resell their property after several rentals made and unearthed by our teams. Closing a sale with ParisRental means closing a long rental and financial history based on trust.

Several criteria are important when you buy your property. Thanks to regular reports drawn up by our sales team, we have in-depth knowledge of our apartments for sale, their history, and the neighborhood to which they belong.

Our specialty: selling a currently rented apartment

With ParisRental, you don’t have to wait until the end of a rental to start selling your property. The current tenant is kept informed by the owner or the ParisRental agency of the future sale of the property.

Prospective buyers are investors looking to expand their wealth. Knowing the rental potential of the property is for them a guarantee of security in the calculation of their investment.

In addition, banks are more inclined to grant you a loan when they know the profitability of the property thanks to the rental history of the apartment. Selling or buying a property does not interrupt the payment of rent by the tenant, reassured to be able to keep his lease.

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